Window Vinyl Decals Installation
Tools Needed:
Two people, MASKING tape (scotch tape may damage vinyl), squeegee, razor blade or exacto knife, glass cleaner, and paper towel.

  • Using glass cleaner, clean windows thoroughly to ensure proper adhesion. Read directions thoroughly
  • Prepare a wetting solution of two or three teaspoons of liquid household detergent in one gallon of cold water.
    (You may use Windex instead)
  • Flood the application surface with wetting solution
  • Place the vinyl decal in contact with the application surface. The wetting solution will allow the decal to be slid across the application surface for positioning purposes
  • Place vinyl in desired location
  • With paper backing against glass
  • Tape down corners
  • Top and bottom loosely
  • As tape will be removed soon
  • Choose one side only
  • And remove corner tape pieces
  • Starting at corner
  • Begin to remove vinyl from paper backing making sure not to crush or wrinkle vinyl
  • After removing half of vinyl from paper
  • Have second person hold exposed vinyl away from you
  • as you use a razor blade to remove uncovered backing from that side
  • Starting in the center use the squeegee
  • To make sweeping motions pressing vinyl down firmly onto glass
  • Try to avoid bubbles if possible (take your time)
  • Once first half is placed
  • Pull off remaining tape gently
  • Remove the last of the paper backing from vinyl
  • Repeat step four
  • On the second half of the vinyl
  • Again starting in the center
  • And working your way out
Removing Bubbles
Most bubbles especially if near edge can be pressed outward to edge, however if persistent use corner of razor blade or sharp pin to make small puncture in bubble to release air and pressdown with squeegee. After 24 hours the window may be washed, but do not use a squeegee.